Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to rename SQL Tuning Set ( STS )

Rename SQL Tuning Set‎( STS )

We can use SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) to evaluate impact on SQLs of 11g R2 database upgrade from 10.2 .So created some demo , example ( with full code ). EM was very good option , but still preferred sql,pl-sql, command / api.

We all know to, use SPA for 10.2 to 11.2 database upgrade , we need one intermeiate 11g DB.
So we can run trial remotely.So we collected SQL Tuning Set (STS ) ( using demo code ) from Multiple databases and import on intermediate 11g DB. Problem started when unpacking STS, collected from different production / Test environment having same name because all
used demo code :).

So started looking for solution , is there any way to rename STS !!!! and end up with following code

-- Create new STS and copy from exiting one
l_cursor DBMS_SQLTUNE.sqlset_cursor;
-- Create STS
DBMS_SQLTUNE.create_sqlset(sqlset_name => 'STS_DBNAME_CMUL',description => 'new STS SQL tuning set from XYZ DB');
OPEN l_cursor FOR
FROM TABLE (DBMS_SQLTUNE.select_sqlset (
'STS_RAG_CMUL' -- old sqlset_name which need to rename
) r;
DBMS_SQLTUNE.load_sqlset (
sqlset_name => 'STS_DBNAME_CMUL',
populate_cursor => l_cursor);
-- Drop STS
close l_cursor;

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