Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sangam’10: All-India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) Annual Conference

Sangam’10: All-India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) Annual Conference

The All India Oracl Users Group (AIOUG) presented Sangam 2010, a two-day(3-4-Sep-2010) Oracle Users Conference held in Hyderabad. Sangam 2010 hosted multiple sessions by international and Indian experts like Jonathan Lewis , Rittman , Iggy Fernandez etc.

Jonathan Lewis & Virag Sharma

The event was very good and opportunity to learn from experts. Sangam 2010 started with Murali welcome note followed by Presentation, by Roland Slee, Vice-President, Database Product Management, Oracle Asia Pacific & Japan.

First technical session was from Jonathan Lewis on "Writing Optimal SQL". This One day Presentation was divided in to two , 1/2 day sessions. Conference room packed for his sessions, Jonathan Lewis Presentation was main attraction for Sangam 2010. After Lunch , there were 2 Conference room for different sessions and audience can choose session as per there interest.

Sponsors "OSI Consulting" presentation on "Cross Platform migration challenges and time reduction techniques" was pretty good then expected. After "OSI Consulting" presentation, RAC SIG meeting held. In this meeting Satyendra Kumar , explained things about RAC SIG. In the end of "RAC SIG" meeting Satyendra looking leader for various city , for Delhi/NCR, I proposed Aman Sharma’s name and latter learned that Aman recently become Oracle ACE.

Session “Tips and Best Practices for DBA’s” from Francisco , was in soo much demand that Conference room 2 overflowed and finally session held in Conference room 1.

Rittman and Vivek took one session in Sangam 2010 and unfortunately , Not able to attend any of them.In the end of Sangam 2010 Oracle Users Conference, Jonathan Lewis took 1 Hr question and Answer session, that was pretty good.

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