Sunday, February 17, 2008

Reactive performance management By Craig Shallahamer

Last week Oracle University arrange Seminar by Performance Management guru Craig Shallahamer in India. Craig brings his unique experiences to many as a keynote speaker, a sought after teacher, a researcher and publisher for improving Oracle performance management, and also the architect of Horizone, OraPub's service level management solution.

His way of teaching is very very good , also contents of seminar is different and very effective. He focused on accurate performance diagnosis of even the most complex Oracle systems and how oracle interact with OS and application’s. I have been reading Craig’s papers/articles for long time , but never got full/big picture. After attending seminar his papers/articles look easy to understand.

Focus point of seminar was how to pin point issue area and different method to resolve it. He also cover some area of Mutex, IMU ( In memory Undo ) and performance forecasting etc. The way he teach latch Internals, anybody can understand it, even small kids J, he Create an honest and understandable story explaining the problem, the solutions, and how to best implement your solutions in a complex and highly available Oracle environment.

Second day of training , we had little tough time , as next to our conference hall in Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi , Shahrukh Khan( One of India Famous actor) was coming to inugrate/launch "Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain" new serial on Star Plus channel. But Craig enjoy music and continue with training

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What CPU Jan 2008 Patch will not tell you

What CPU Jan 2008 Patch will not tell you

File system space :- opatch suppose to check files system space as a part of Running prerequisite checks... and start apply patch when enough space is there.

Patching component oracle.rdbms,

Updating archive file "/u01/app/oracle/product/" with "lib/libserver11.a/kzsr.o"
Updating archive file "/u01/app/oracle/product/" with "lib/libserver11.a/kzu.o"

The following actions have failed:

Archive not applied /home/oracle/patch/CPU2008/6646866/6650135/files/lib/libserver11.a/kzsr.o to /u01/app/oracle/product/ ''

Archive not applied /home/oracle/patch/CPU2008/6646866/6650135/files/lib/libserver11.a/kzu.o to /u01/app/oracle/product/ ''

Do you want to proceed? [yn]

Well I came out with N option. When we started opatch again , it gave error some thing like spacecheck fail.

So make sure you have enough space on file system.

In case of RAC database, CPU patch readme.txt will not tell you that one need to set cluster_database = false , before starting database in upgrade mode(“startup upgrade”). For compiling views and objects.

So make sure, in RAC environment you have set cluster_database = false before starting database in upgrade mode

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Secrets of Happiness

Secrets of Happiness

I was traveling from my from Agra (= City of Taj Mahal, 30 Miles away from my home town ) to Hyderabad. My Train AP Express was late so thought to pick some book. As usual I picked some my favorites books/magazines like Reader Digest , Champak ( Famous Kids book in India ). While purchasing books/magazines, saw book with title “Secrets of Happiness - Tanushree Podder”. Title looks very odd to me because , I feel how one can define happiness. Well , Just picked the book and browse some page , it look good. It is not different from other book like “Mega Living- Robin Sharma” , “Who will Cry when you die Robin Sharma”. English look typical Indian English. Some of the stories we already heard in our childhood from Grand Mother , Mom , aunty etc. But it is really nice to re-visit those stories. Writer presentation look good and that make book more interesting. I started reading book from Agra and keep reading book till Gwalior, Everybody in train want to sleep , since I was reading book light was on and everybody eye brow in train getting tight. Finally switched off light , but finished book before reaching Hyderabad. I feel book is worth to read , that’s why thought to write about this book.

Check book excerpt [click Here]

  1. What you put in life , you get back
  2. No situation is good / bad / ugly , it is our believe that colored our perception about situation and we feel accordingly(good / bad / ugly) about situation. So change our believe , thought things will improve/change, otherwise same thought/believe same result
  3. Keep It Simple and Straight ( KISS) .....................................

Apart from this there are two more book, that really worth to read

Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Follow Your Heart
- Andrew Matthews

I read above book frequently , and feel , If I would have got these book 6 Year Back ……. :-)