Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand - UTSCDMP

NEW option in ADRCI purge acommand - UTSCDMP
There is new option in ADRCI for purge command - UTSCDMP

adrci> help purge

Usage: PURGE [[-i ]

Purpose: Purge the diagnostic data in the current ADR home. If no
option is specified, the default purging policy will be used.

[-i id1 id1 id2]: Users can input a single incident ID, or a range of incidents to purge.
[-age ]: Users can specify the purging policy either to all the diagnostic data or the specified type. The data older than ago will be purged


Users can specify what type of data to be purged.

purge -i 123 456
purge -age 60 -type incident

There where some issue that directories cdmp_* in repositories (=$diagnostic_dest/Diag/rdbms/database_name/instance_name/bdump ) are not purging automatically. When you run following command, it remove cdmp_* directories, which is older the 3600 Minutes

adrci> purge -age 3600 -type UTSCDMP


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