Friday, April 13, 2007

RMAN Enhancement ( Oracle 11g New Features)

Oracle 11g RMAN Enhancement( Oracle 11g New Features )
  • Enhanced configuration of archive deletion policies
    Archive can be deleted , if it is not need DG , Streams Flashback etc
    When you CONFIGURE an archived log deletion policy applies to all archiving destinations, including the flash recovery area. BACKUP ... DELETE INPUT and DELETE... ARCHIVELOG use this configuration, as does the flash recovery area. When we back up the recovery area, RMAN can fail over to other archived redo log destinations if the flash recovery area is inaccessible.
  • Configuring backup compression
    In 11g can use CONFIGURE command to choose between the BZIP2 and ZLIB compression algorithms for RMAN backups.
  • Active Database Duplication
    Now DUPLICATE command is network aware i.e.we can create a duplicate or standby database over the network without taking backup or using old backup.
  • Parallel backup and restore for very large files
    RMAN Backups of large data files now use multiple parallel server processes to efficiently distribute theworkload for each file. This features improves the performance of backups.
  • Improved block media recovery performance
    RECOVER command can recover individual data blocks.
    RMAN take older, uncorrupted blocks from flashback and the RMAN can use these blocks, thereby speeding up block media recovery.
  • Fast incremental backups on physical standby database
    in 11g we can enable block change tracking on a physical standby database (ALTER DATABASE ENABLE/DISABLE BLOCK CHANGE TRACKING SQL statement).This new 11g feature enables faster
    incremental backups on a physical standby database than in previous releases.because RMAN identifywe the changed blocks sincethe last incremental backup.

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