Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oracle 11g Online Query Capability of Physical Standby Database

Online Query Capability of Physical Standby Database( Oracle 11g New Features)

It is now possible to query a physical standby database while Redo Apply is active.This new capability increases your return on investment in Data Guard technology because a physical standby database can now be used to offload queries from the primary database in addition to providing data protection.

( We can do same with logical standby , what is diffrent here , well redo apply method is faster in physical stand by ie redo apply methode is diffrent in physical standby)

  • Stop log apply

    Alter database recover managed standby database cancel;
  • open database for read-only access

    alter database open
  • Once daabase open start redo apply

    alter database recover managed standby database
    using current logfile disconnect from session;


  1. Good to see lots of 11g information. Do you know when 11g releasing?

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