Sunday, February 3, 2008

Secrets of Happiness

Secrets of Happiness

I was traveling from my from Agra (= City of Taj Mahal, 30 Miles away from my home town ) to Hyderabad. My Train AP Express was late so thought to pick some book. As usual I picked some my favorites books/magazines like Reader Digest , Champak ( Famous Kids book in India ). While purchasing books/magazines, saw book with title “Secrets of Happiness - Tanushree Podder”. Title looks very odd to me because , I feel how one can define happiness. Well , Just picked the book and browse some page , it look good. It is not different from other book like “Mega Living- Robin Sharma” , “Who will Cry when you die Robin Sharma”. English look typical Indian English. Some of the stories we already heard in our childhood from Grand Mother , Mom , aunty etc. But it is really nice to re-visit those stories. Writer presentation look good and that make book more interesting. I started reading book from Agra and keep reading book till Gwalior, Everybody in train want to sleep , since I was reading book light was on and everybody eye brow in train getting tight. Finally switched off light , but finished book before reaching Hyderabad. I feel book is worth to read , that’s why thought to write about this book.

Check book excerpt [click Here]

  1. What you put in life , you get back
  2. No situation is good / bad / ugly , it is our believe that colored our perception about situation and we feel accordingly(good / bad / ugly) about situation. So change our believe , thought things will improve/change, otherwise same thought/believe same result
  3. Keep It Simple and Straight ( KISS) .....................................

Apart from this there are two more book, that really worth to read

Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Follow Your Heart
- Andrew Matthews

I read above book frequently , and feel , If I would have got these book 6 Year Back ……. :-)


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