Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oracle Database 11g Top 10 New Features for DBA

Oracle Database 11g Top 10 New Features for DBA
Virag Sharma

Oracle Database 11g Top 10 New Features for DBA [Click Here]

Upgrading 10g RAC to 11g RAC

  • Week 1- ADR

    In Oracle 11g database New dimension fault diagnosability infrastructure added to Oracle self managing concept to reduce time for resolving problem/bug/SR and round trip between end-user and Oracle Support. Trace file, dump file , core file ADR, ADRCI etc are components of fault diagnosability infrastructure.

    In early version of oracle, When ever critical error such as code bug , data corruption occur end user need to collect diagnostic data such as process dump , data structure dump etc. In oracle 11g database end user need to worry about what kind of dump need to collect , need not to search trace file which need to send to Oracle Support Oracle 11g Database proactively collect ,tagged and store diagnostic data in file based repository known as ADR. 11g used file based repository because even your database is down, you have diagnostic data to send to oracle support.

  • Week2 Database Replay

    “Simulating production load is not possible” , you might have heard these word.

    In one project, where last 2 year management want to migrate from UNIX system to Linux system ( RAC ) , but they still testing because they are not sure where this Linux Boxes where bale to handle load or not. They have put lot of efforts and time in load testing and functional testing etc, but still not le gain confidence.

    After using these feature of 11g , they will gain confidence and will able to migrate to Linux with full confidence and will know how there system will behave after migration/upgrade.

  • Week 3 Automatic memory Tuning

    Oracle 9i. Automatic SGA tuning was introduced in Oracle 10g. In 11g, all memory can be tuned automatically by setting one parameter. You literally tell Oracle how much memory it has and it determines how much to use for PGA, SGA and OS Processes. Maximum and minimum thresholds can be set.

  • Week 4 ADDM For RAC

    In Oracle 11g ADDM will perform to analysis on all Node

  • Week 5 Statistics

    • Incremental statistics ( It is really needed for DBA )
    • Multi-columns statistics
    • Expression statistics
    • Statistics preferences

  • Week 6 Partitioning

    Two New kind of partition introduce in 11g

    • System Partition
    • Interval Partition

    There might more Feature apart from above
  • Week 7 Security New Features

    • Case Sensitive password
    • By Default many Security enabled
    • Encrypt tablespace
  • Week 8 SQL Plan Manageability

  • Week 9 Automatic SQL Tuning

  • Week 10 SQL Performance Analyzer [Click Here ]

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oracle Database 11g New Features

Oracle Database 11g TOP New Features for DBA

1) Automatic Diagnostic Repository

2) Database Replay

3) Automatic Memory Tuning

4) Case sensitive password

5) Virtual columns and indexes

6) Interval Partition and System Partition

7) The Result Cache

8) ADDM RAC Enhancements

9) SQL Plan Management and SQL Plan Baselines

10) SQL Access Advisor & Partition Advisor

11) SQL Query Repair Advisor

12) SQL Replay Advisor

13) DBMS_STATS Enhancements

14) The Result Cache

Oracle Database 11g Launch - New York City

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