Friday, June 29, 2007

Database 10g Express Edition

Database 10g Express Edition

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  1. Introduction
  2. Oracle XE installtion
  3. XE database tablespace and tempfiles
  4. ORACLE XE perfoamnce & Tuning
  5. What all option are enabled on XE
  6. Changing Port
  7. Enable remote http
  8. XE database troubleshooting
  9. Getting ORA-600 [keltnfy-ldmInit] error after installtion
  10. Why my XE not start automatically on Linux, why my Linux reboot hanged to starting listener.
  11. My Swap Space is not sufficient ( less then 1 GB )
  12. Reference


  1. hey nice blog for oracle
    but i still have a problem
    i have installed 10g express edition on vista home premium i am able to use sql command line and all.but when i use the data base home page and go to script editor i cannot write or do anything.. the editor just does not work
    can u help me out here
    is it that oracle is just not usable with vista home premium.i have an upcoming project kind of thing in sql so need urgent help

  2. You didn't indicate whether you are using Firefox or IE. I had the same problem with XP with Firefox The script feature seems to work in Internet Explorer 6.0. I haven't tested it with any other versions of IE.