Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some Good Links / Blogs / site to know more about New Oracle Database 11g features

I have rated 5 *(star) for some sites , which I like Most

( these links collected from google alert )

  1. Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 1 (11.1) *****
  2. ORACLE-BASE - Articles on Oracle 11g new features *****
  3. Oracle Database 11g on OTN
  4. Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers
  5. Pythian Group Blog » Tuning Pack 11g : Real-Time SQL Monitoring
  6. PSOUG - New in 11gR1*****
  7. Robert G. Freeman’s Blog: 11g Security New Feature… A short one…
  8. Oracle 11g new Features Summary by Burleson
  9. My top 10 Oracle 11g New Features Part 3 - 5 nice optimizer statistics
  10. Oracle 11g Top New Features for DBA Virag Sharma
  11. Oracle Magazine: PL/SQL Practices: On the PL/SQL Function Result Cache
  12. Changes in Oracle 11.1 - Julian Dyke *****
  13. Blogging about 11g - Part 7 - Function Result Cache
  14. Oracle 11g New Features SQL plan management (SPM)
  15. Oracle 11g New feaures : Case Sensitive Password
  16. SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) Part - 2
  17. Oracle 11g ADR Automatic Diagnostic Repository
  18. New Parameters in 11g (Part 2) | Dizwell Informatics
  19. Oracle 11g DRCP: Database Resident Connection Pooling - second attempt
  20. Oracle 11g internals part 1: Automatic Memory Management
  21. My top 10 Oracle 11g New Features Part 4 - the SQL Query Result Cache
  22. Oracle 11g Tips by Burleson Consulting

You can have a look on following forum as well. Good thing about this forum is that , it update time to time , with latest 11g Links. Thanks to TongucY

- Vi


  1. Thanks for pointing to one of my posts.
    Here you can find my selection of Oracle 11g new features. Some entries are same as yours.
    Regards, Paweł

  2. Thanks Awad and Pawel for sharing more 11g New features Links.

  3. Hey Virag,
    Hope you remember me.Thanks for the links.

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